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Notational Velocity, forked

NVForked updated and is now nvALT, a merger of two forks.

Big update. Huge. Back in January, Scrod released an update the NV that added a host of great features… and broke compatibility with my fork. Since then I’ve been working on updating my fork to add in his changes in the official NV:

  • Option for horizontal layout with multi-line previews in notes list
  • Words between [[double-brackets]] will become links to other notes
  • Tags can be synced to Dropbox and searched by Spotlight, via OpenMeta
  • Tags are auto-completed while typing in the tag-entry field
  • TaskPaper-compatible strikethrough formatting using the “@done” tag
  • Fully plain-text-based automatic list-bullet formatting
  • Note-titles inside double-brackets are (optionally) auto-completed
  • “Show in Finder” command for revealing selected note-files on disk
  • Highlighting of search terms can be disabled
  • Dragging the divider to the top or left of the window will hide search field
  • and more

I kept the new, official implementation of a horizontal layout, which uses a single column to display note title + metadata (dates and tags). Looks beautiful.

All the features from my fork are still there:

  • Fullscreen mode (cmd-shift-f)
  • Optional menubar icon/drop down menu
  • Optional no dock icon (menu bar icon only) mode.
  • The ability to add/edit tags for multiple notes at once (which now auto-completes the tags for you).
  • Multiple color schemes you can easily switch between:
  • Black/White
  • Low Contrast (light gray background, dark gray text)
  • User Customizable
  • Easily collapse/expand the notes list and search field (cmd-shift-c)
  • An option to improve the readability of notes by using margins to limit the width of the text (in preferences>>Fonts&Colors)
  • Other eye candy (check the scrollbars out).

AND added some new features:

  • “Open in Text Editor” (Under the note menu, or Cmd-Shift-O) to will open the current note in the application of your choice (use WriteRoom if you prefer its fullscreen mode). This requires that you store your notes as separate files. The default app is the system wide default for whatever file type (.txt,.rtf,.html) you’re using. Probably Text Edit. But you can pick your preferred application in “Preferences>>Editing”
  • Show Word Count (Under the View menu, or Cmd-Shift-K). Heavily requested. Adds a live word count of your note to the search field. Hold down the option key to temporarily see the word count.
  • Working Localization for French, German, and Portuguese. (Although some of the newer features show up in English. If you know French, German, or Portuguese and want to translate anything you see in English please email me or Brett).

Along the way, Brett Terpstra, the developer of another NV fork, nvALT, and I decided to “branch off and merge our forks”…. whatever that means. Well, it means that my fork and nvALT are now combined into a single release:nvALT, version 2. So this adds the features of nvALT 1.0.7 into the mix as well:

  • (Multi)Markdown/Textile Preview (in the Preview menu, or hit Cmd-Control-P). Also highly requested. Brought to you mainly by Christian Tietze and Brett Terpstra. Thanks! I’ve added one thing to their implementation: Hold down the control key to temporarily see the preview window.
  • HTML source code tab in the Preview window for fast copy/paste to blogs, etc.
  • Customizable HTML and CSS files for the Preview window
  • Custom HTML/CSS templates can be included in saved output from the Preview
  • Social note sharing via Peggd
  • Convert imported URLs to Markdown, and optionally strip excess content with Readability

And some other bug fixes and improvements. (Most noticeable: the search field is embedded in the window’s titlebar as in the official release, which I originally took out for going fullscreen, but got working again).

nvALT has its own auto-update channel. So it will only update to future nvALTs, and never to Scrod’s NV.

nvALT will create it own set of preferences from NV. This means that the first time you run nvALT it won’t have any prefs you’ve set in my old fork, the first version of nvALT, or the official NV. If you moved your notes to a custom location (like Dropbox) they won’t show up the first time you run nvALT; you just need to go back into preferences>>Notes and set the “read notes from folder” to the right place. Apologies for the chance, it is a pain in the ass, but separating nvALT from NV means you can use both apps, store notes for each in a separate folder, and have fewer compatibility issues.

Note: Apparently our build is not particularly PowerPC compatible. Since neither Brett nor I have PPC machines its pretty hard to test/debug/build for them. We'll do our best, but in the meantime its probably best for PPC users to hold off or use this experimentally only. Apologies.

Download nvALT, version 2 here.

The official project page for nvALT is on Brett’s site. Or you can check this site.

Source code will be available (soon) here

Follow my tumblr and/or Brett’s blog for news and updates about nvALT.

I’ll post a roadmap soon, after Brett and I have a little more time to agree on the next steps. In the meantime, enjoy the new release!

Big thanks to Scrod (aka Zachary Schneirov), Christian Tietze , and others whose work is a part of the fork.