Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snow Leopard Services… pt3, Google Voice

Seemless integration of Google Voice into Snow…

Select a phone number in any application, right click, select the services sub-menu, and choose either gvDialer or SMSgv to initiate a phone call or send a text message through your Google Voice account.

If texting, a dialog box will pop up for you to type in your message.

Growl will growl (if you’re a growler) upon dialing/sending the message.

The first time you run this the service will ask you to enter your Google Voice account info (it’ll get stored in your Keychain). The services also require a php script to do the heavy lifting and you’ll get asked about installing that to your Home/Library/Services folder.

There’s also Quicksilver actions that do the same thing. Once installed:

Activate Quicksilver, and either enter a phone number in QS’s text entry mode, or use QS to search your Address Book and find a phone number.  The point being to get a phone number into QS’s first pane. 

Tab over to QS second pane and type till you see either gvDialer or smsGV (depending on what you want to do, dial or text). and hit enter. If you’re texting a dialog box will appear allowing you to enter your text message.

To install: download and unzip the following file below, move the two actions smsGV.applescript and gvDialer.applescript to   ~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Actions/   (where ~ means your home folder, and if you don’t already have a folder in Application Support/Quicksilver/ named actions, make one, and put the two files there. Restart Quicksilver and you should be good to go.


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